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Every home design presents unique requirements and challenges. Among the most crucial early decisions is the selection of windows and doors. Prior to making a choice, numerous factors must be considered, such as the local climate, as well as the location and orientation of your home. It’s important to note that different windows and doors may require varying performance levels based on their placement.

Understand your performance requirements.

Initially, it’s essential to comprehend the performance requirements for each window and door to achieve the overall house rating.

Your architect, builder, or energy rater will typically provide the performance criteria for your windows and doors as follows:

U Value – This measures the rate of temperature transfer through a window or door. For instance, it gauges how effectively it retains heat or blocks cold. A lower U Value signifies better insulating properties.

SHGC – This measures the capacity to block heat produced by sunlight. The lower the SHGC number, the more efficient the glass is at preventing the sun’s heat from entering the house. Conversely, in a colder climate, a higher SHGC number means more natural warmth will be gained.

Choosing your window and door frames.

Choosing the right window and door frames is crucial, taking into account your home’s design, the size specifications for windows and doors, and the performance criteria set by your architect, builder, or energy assessor. The material you select for your frames will affect your home’s comfort, acoustics, and energy efficiency. For instance, timber, being a natural insulator, excels in energy performance. Your material options include timber, aluminium, and a composite of aluminium and extruded rigid polymer.

Vantage designs are increasingly favored by architects and building designers due to their innovative performance and design features. The brand is known for delivering exceptional results in both residential and high-end architectural construction. Vantage provides a range of products from basic residential suites to high-performance designer series aluminum windows and doors, offering commercial-sized framing options that expand the scope of architectural design. Highlights of these impressive ranges include bi-fold doors and windows, stacking doors, sliding doors, and the ClearVENT™ ventilating sash-less window systems.

AWS has recently relaunched its commercial product line under the Elevate™ Aluminium Systems brand, reaffirming its commitment to the ongoing development and expansion of this cutting-edge range of aluminium windows and doors. The philosophy behind Elevate™ Aluminium Systems is straightforward: to develop commercial aluminium window and door systems that provide streamlined and efficient solutions for the commercial construction and high-end residential markets.