With unparalleled design flexibility, fibre cement is one of the most flexible building products available today.We have a wide range of products and systems to make your buildings look stunning.

With unparalleled design flexibility Fibre cement is perhaps one of the most flexible design building materials available today. It can be manufactured in numerous panel sizes and thicknesses. It can be cut into various shapes and patterns. It can be compressed for high strength applications. It can be used in acoustic systems. It can be used as a superior wet area lining product. It can be painted. It can be tiled. It can be used for fire resistance applications.


The Unitex Uni-Base Board System

The Unitex Uni-Base Board is made locally at the Unitex manufacturing facility in Dandenong (Victoria, Australia) by applying a specially formulated Unitex Polymer Render coating and reinforcing AR/FG Mesh to EPS insulation panels. The Unitex Uni-Base Board System is fully compliant to the NCC (BCA) and all Unitex manufacturing processes undergo regular internal audits, along with an annual external audit by BRANZ Assessors so that Unitex can confidently claim that all made product components and accessory components are fit for purpose and quality approved.

The accredited system incorporates the Unitex nominated components as tested and allows nil substitution. The Unitex Uni-Base Board System is available in a standard size sheet of 1200mm x 2400mm at the required thickness for the thermal comfort specified for the project (generally 50mm, 75mm, or 100mm, plus a coating thickness of 6 -15mm over surface and importantly, over fixings).

Natural Format & Bookleaf Walling

Stone cladding, or feature walling, is one of the easiest and cost effective ways of adding interest to your project and value to your home. With our fantastic range of natural stone walling we can provide both traditional and modern finishes, there’s something to suit every style of home. Our natural format walling has been designed to mimic the traditional bookleaf and block walling styles that have been used for hundreds of years. When installed correctly it’s almost impossible to tell that this walling is only a facade and not a natural block wall.

Natural Slate cladding is formed by carefully selecting slate colours and piecing them together to form panels to replicate the naturally formed layers found beneath the earth’s surface. With many colours to choose from, these panels can be used indoors or outdoors, in water features or facades to homes & offices. With panel sizes being 600x150mm and precut corner pieces they create the most natural looking panels available.

Cladstone, an environmentally-friendly natural stone product, a specially designed process has made it possible for the first time to harvest slate directly off the quarry walls and blocks in thin layers of just 3mm. The resulting Cladstone is incomparably light, weighing less than 5kg per m2, ideal for any building or feature wall project. Cladstone is highly flexible and is suitable for interior and exterior use. The ability to cover any wall gives great versatility to the residential home where an old wall can easily be covered without doing major renovation works.