ULTRA BRICK – National Masonry

Not just another brick, the ULTRA BRICK has been designed and engineered from
the ground up delivering a premium pressed brick with a finish to suit any budget.
A bespoke mix of raw materials have been combined with the latest pressing
technology to produce a brick that is perfect in shape, consistency, durability, and
easy to lay. Delivering crisp lines, rich colour and texture, the ULTRA BRICK is the brick
range for the 21st Century.

• Finely texture surface with Bayferrox® pigments for vibrant long lasting colour
• Sika® additive to reduce likelihood of efflorescence
• No need to paint or render
• Non combustible
• Won’t rot, rust, or delaminate
• Manufactured locally by National Masonry®

Where to use
• External and internal walls
• Feature walls
• Fences

Ultra Brick Flyer