Beautiful, strong and long-lasting. We are the leading supplier of Retaining Wall products.

Our Retaining Wall range delivers a mix of style, structure and functionality. From beautiful garden edges to decorative walls, our variety of textured surfaces, patterns and colours can give your next landscaping project everything from a light airbrush to an extreme makeover. Ground Up Building Product’s range of Retaining Walls will give your next landscaping project the winning edge.


The MagnumStone™ product is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per face metre when compared to traditional solid systems. The environmental and economical advantages of the pre-cast hollow block MagnumStone™ product are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry. Because of its size and design flexibility, MagnumStone™ is ideal for almost any retaining wall project from residential to large commercial installations.

Our range of coloured, standard and premium masonry and natural stone products have set a new standard in quality and style. By adding oxides and coloured sands to our mix of raw materials, we produce products with contemporary colours, textures and appeal. Ideal for a range of projects from a modern beach residence to impressive commercial projects Austral Masonry has an array of products to suit your style. Our concrete retaining walls and pavers are created by blending fine sand, cement, aggregate and quality colouring agents to produce unique coloured blocks. Our range of stone products are quality controlled and only the finest samples offered for projects of distinction.

These light weight blocks provide an easy way to create a practical outdoor space to your garden. The clean sharp lines provide a contemporary finish that will be the envy of the street.From creatively designed paths and courtyards, to naturally textured garden retaining walls, the Valleystone system offers a versatile design, enabling curves to be built with ease, as well as stairs and straight walls.With one enticing blend and three contemporary monotone colours, Moreton retaining wall blocks will complement any landscape with a unique and timeless appeal. High quality and robust in nature, Moreton Retaining Wall Blocks are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Moreton is used in a mortarless dry stack retaining wall system.