Beautiful, strong and long-lasting. Our pavers demonstrate these three key qualities and have been designed to exhibit a timeless elegance that will not fade.

Colours that last, excellent slip resistance, kiln fired for strength and salt safe – there’s no doubt that our range of natural pavers are designed for the Australian way of life. With a variety of sizes and colours to choose from, our pavers have already stood the test of time in homes and businesses around the country – make yours the next.



Q: Are PGH pavers suitable for use in driveways?
A: Yes. Depending how these pavers are laid, however, not all are right for all driveways. Please call us on 13 15 79 if you need more information.

Q: Can I use my pavers around a pool or near the sea?
A: Not all pavers are manufactured for use in marine environments. Fortunately, PGH has a large selection of products that are suitable for these environments.

Q: Can I lay pavers on a steep driveway?
A: There are definitely situations where a slope may be too steep for laying pavers. The best way to discover if your driveway is suitable is to discuss it with your licensed tradesperson.

Q: Are PGH pavers sealed?
A: The majority of PGH pavers are sealed with Pavegard. This coating that helps guard against efflorescence and staining.

Q: Can I lay pavers on crusher dust?
A: No. Due to issues with staining and drainage, it is an industry practice not to lay pavers on crusher dust.

Q: What guarantees do you offer?
A: We guarantee that all our products will be fit for purpose. Due to the natural variation that occurs in fired clay products affecting colour, texture and other features, however, we can’t guarantee our products will match any sample or brochure.

Q: How long will the colour last in my pavers?
A: PGH pavers are made from fired clay, ensuring their colour and strength will last a lifetime.

Formed from all natural Australian clay, sand and shale, PGH pavers are fired to produce long-lasting colour, strength and beauty. They’re one of the most practical and attractive options for outdoor areas. With their durable surface, PGH pavers are right at home in courtyards, alfresco living and entertaining areas, patios, paths and driveways. Available in a range of stunning colours and rustic, traditional or contemporary textures, you are sure to find the ideal PGH™ pavers for your outdoor space. Nothing will bring your home to life like PGH pavers.

The warm natural colours of clay pavers are all the way through the material, not added as an artificial dye or pigment. Then we fire them in a kiln to lock it in! Which makes them strong and durable, too. They resist staining, are so low‑maintenance they can be cleaned with detergent and water, and adjust better to underlying earth movement than poured-in-place concrete. It’s also easy to replace a small section if stained or damaged. They are slip resistant and skid resistant, excellent for heavily trafficked wet areas, as well as walkways and driveways. You can expect quality clay pavers to hold firm and look good for generations.