Concrete masonry blocks have long been the work-horse of the construction industry. Our Masonry blocks come in a range of colours, style and finishes to suit any building project.

Due to their mass, concrete masonry blocks out noise better than traditional building materials, resulting in a quieter home environment. When you build with concrete masonry products you are building with a material that requires minimal maintenance and upkeep so you have more time for the important things in life. Concrete masonry products are high thermal mass products which slow the transfer of temperature fluctuations from the outside into internal living areas. This reduces the need for use of heating and cooling devices and thereby reduces associated energy costs.

1. Huge range of colours and finishes

Concrete masonry products are available in a range of over 78 colour and finish combinations. This offers you a wide range of products to choose from to suit the style of your home.

2. Fire resistant

Concrete masonry products are made from non combustible materials so they are fire resistant and therefore ideal for bushfire prone areas.

3. Low environmental impact

Masonry product production has minimal impact on the environment because they do not deplete precious natural and limited resources like many other materials. Concrete masonry products are cured in temperature controlled kilns with comparatively little energy used compared to kiln fired products.

4. Affordable and cost effective

When comparing other products on the market concrete masonry is an affordable option. This is especially true when considering the complete building system as concrete masonry can reduce or negate the need for accessory products such as sarking and insulation.

5. Easy to build with

Because masonry products are made from concrete they are strong and durable which means that they can endure significant impact from external forces with minimal if any impact. Concrete masonry products are much faster to build with than some commonly used walling materials and have the added benefit of being both structural and aesthetic.