Concrete masonry blocks have consistently been a staple in the construction industry. Our masonry blocks are available in an array of colors, styles, and finishes to accommodate any building project.

Owing to their density, concrete masonry effectively blocks out more noise than traditional building materials, creating a more tranquil home environment. Building with concrete masonry products means using a material that demands minimal maintenance, freeing up more time for life’s significant moments. Additionally, concrete masonry products possess a high thermal mass, which moderates the transfer of external temperature changes into the home’s interior spaces. This diminishes the reliance on heating and cooling appliances, leading to lower energy expenses.

1. Huge range of colours and finishes

Concrete masonry products come in many colour and finish combinations, providing a broad selection to complement your home’s style.

2. Fire resistant

Concrete masonry products, being made from non-combustible materials, are inherently fire-resistant, making them well-suited for areas prone to bushfires.

3. Low environmental impact

The production of masonry products has a relatively low environmental impact as it does not exhaust precious, finite natural resources like many other materials do. Concrete masonry units are cured in temperature-controlled kilns, which use significantly less energy compared to those products that require kiln firing.

4. Affordable and cost effective

Compared to other products on the market, concrete masonry stands out as a cost-effective choice. Particularly when evaluating the entire building system, concrete masonry can diminish or even eliminate the necessity for additional products like sarking and insulation.

5. Easy to build with

Masonry products, being made from concrete, are robust and long-lasting, enabling them to withstand considerable external forces with little to no damage. They offer a quicker construction alternative compared to many traditional walling materials, while also providing the dual advantages of structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.