Specialised cleaning products & anti-graffiti solutions

GuardIT Solutions is the world’s first truly environmentally responsible range of protective coating and cleaning solutions, proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. Minimising risk to the environment and to human safety is integral to our organisation’s product development and corporate strategy. You can be confident that GuardIT Solutions products meet the most stringent Australian and international standards and regulations with regard to Environmental Compliance and Occupational Health & Safety Management. With our range of eco-friendly products for cleaning, you can get effective results while caring for the planet. Explore our range today to discover the finest selection of eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Water-based technology

Water-based technology and readily-biodegradable products are the prominent features associated with every GuardIT product.


Our readily-biodegradable range demonstrates a commitment to research & development in search of the most sustainable solutions.


The GuardIT range of products are environmentally responsible and do the least harm to humans, animals and mother earth.

GAR – Green Acid Replacement

Are you looking for an eco-friendly acid wash for concrete?

GuardIT® Green Acid Replacement (G.A.R) is an environmentally responsible acid alternative. Green Acid or GAR is a safe alternative to harsh acids, replacing hydrochloric acid in the removal of cement residue, mortar residue and efflorescence. Suitable for removing cement residue from concrete, sandstone, ceramic, terracotta, bricks, blue stone, painted metal surfaces and other similar surfaces. It makes the perfect green acid replacement and can be used with impressive results instead of the regular acid cleaner for concrete. It also makes the ideal green acid cleaner for bricks and acid wash for concrete floors. Buy the green acid cleaner today to notice the difference.

Paving & Concrete Cleaner

GuardlT® Paving & Concrete Cleaner is a heavy duty, water based degreaser which contains revolutionary, high performance Soy solvent for the safe removal of industrial grease, oil, dirt and grime from hard surfaces including tiles, concrete, brick and other surfaces. It is also safe to use on painted and metal surfaces.

Specifically formulated for the removal of concrete splashes, mortar, embedded stains and more, this heavy-duty concrete cleaner makes the ideal for effective cleaning.

Porous Stone Sealer

Natural stone is porous and requires the use of a quality sealer to maintain its appearance. Protect your concrete from any type of damage, stains and spills with the help of the best stone sealer. Our porous stone sealer offers excellent protection and makes a safe option for different types of surfaces. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use and can be used for patios and walkways.

Stains are debris are not the only two things you need to protect the pavers and other surfaces from. Adverse weather and humidity can also inflict damage on the outer surfaces. The sealer blocks the entry of moisture and keeps the porous surface dry. This further prevents cracks and damages that may have occurred due to the water seeping into the concrete pores.

Sealer solutions help restore the damage and treat the surface mildly. A properly treated floor will not only become hard-wearing but will be easier to maintain as well.

Dense Stone Sealer

GuardIT®Dense All Stone Sealer is an environmentally responsible, penetrating, water-based, high-performance protective sealer. Dense All Stone provides an invisible coating designed to protect dense surfaces from oil, mould and water stains. Ideally used for the protection of marble, granite, terrazzo and all other dense substrates.