Create stunning finishes and contemporary looks with our range of Render and Moulding Products.

Every product has proven technological advances in polymer modification and functional additives. All Unitex® Renders & Finishes have high-impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound, dry, sound, and laitance-free surfaces. All Unitex® Renders & Finishes are formulated to specific substrate requirements. And all are easy to apply by spray, trowel, or roller.

Many of the Renders utilise recycled materials that enhance the benefits but don’t compromise performance. At Unitex® protecting our environment is at the cornerstone of our product development. With such a broad spectrum of solutions available for your façade, the only problem our customers are faced with is which Unitex® Render & Finishing System to use. To help you find the best solution for your project, see the selection guide on the back page. Match the substrate you have and the finish you desire with the appropriate
Unitex® Render and Finishing System.

Why choose Unitex® Architectural Profiles and Columns?

Products are lightweight and can be installed to all modern surfaces as well as masonry. They are easy to install – suitable for Builders and Carpenters (i.e. mechanical and edge sealing etc). They can be custom-designed and features made to order to suit your application. Our products are also acCost effective solution for heritage, renovation and also new projects.