Impressive fences require impressive personalised products manufactured to last a lifetime. Unitex is Australia’s leading manufacturer of stock and bespoke lightweight Architecturally designed profiles and columns, with Unitex® Uni-Shape® fence pier caps and fence capping completing the final touch to the beautiful homes of Australia and the world.

Once you have made your selection of your Unitex® Uni-Shape® Fence Pier Caps and/or Fence Capping, please contact us for a template to complete so that we can manufacture the Unitex® Uni-Shape® Fence Pier Caps and/or Fence Capping to your precise specification.

NOTE: Ideal length for Unitex® Uni-Shape® Fence Capping on wide fences is 2 lineal meters and no more than 2.4 lineal meters on double brick fences (200-250mm wide).